A F F I L I A T E D  W I T H  A S S E M B L I E S  O F  G O D

25600 23 Mile Rd. Chesterfield, MI 48051     Phone: (586) 949-7251   northsideag1@juno.com

In this confusing world, hope and peace seem hard to come by. In an effort to find these as well as stability and reality, people turn to many things to fill the void.

We at Northside Church are a varied group of people who have found that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only answer to life's questions and the fulfillment of what we truly long for. He gives true life, hope, peace, reality, and stability. Even with all of our faults, He has demonstrated His love and willingness to have a relationship with each of us. He has shown us such great love that He died, so that we may enter that relationship. We look forward to living forever with Him.