A F F I L I A T E D  W I T H  A S S E M B L I E S  O F  G O D

25600 23 Mile Rd. Chesterfield, MI 48051     Phone:  586.949.7251   northsideag1@juno.com

 Northside Church is a Pentecostal church that is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Worldwide. The Assemblies of God was started in 1914 agreeing upon 16 Bible Based truths, four of which are considered Core Beliefs.  We are a General Council church which means we have a Deacon Board that oversees the operations of the Church. That Deacon Board is elected by the members of this church, and is elected to support and advise the Pastor. Visit the pages at the right to read about our Core Beliefs and 16 truths.



For information on the Assemblies of God,

please visit their official website at www.ag.org.